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“So how on earth do society and industry become more innovative? There are hundreds of books, business school papers and conference speakers that provide possible solutions. One of the better recent works is Little Bets by Peter Sims.”

The Financial Times

“An enthusiastic, example-rich argument for innovating in a particular way—by deliberately experimenting and taking small exploratory steps in novel directions.”

The Wall Street Journal

“I have always believed that constant innovation is core to success. The methods Peter Sims provides in the highly engaging Little Bets will help you challenge the status quo and discover extraordinary new possibilities in whatever endeavor you’re engaged in.”

Howard Schultz, chairman and ceo, Starbucks

“In Little Bets, Peter Sims convincingly argues that we need a new model of creativity, focused around gradual improvement and constant innovation. If you’re not learning while doing, Sims points out, then you’re probably doing it wrong.”

Jonah Lehrer, author of How We Decide

“As a former VC and longtime collaborator with the Stanford lnstitute of Design, Sims knows his way around disruptive ideas.” 

Inc. Magazine

“Want a big idea? Start little. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an artist, Peter Sims shows you how big breakthroughs start with little bets.”

Chip Heath, author of Switch: How to change things when change is hard

“I really can’t say enough about this book; Little Bets rings so true to my own experience at Teach For America. Peter Sims does a huge service by showing the world how big entrepreneurial and innovative successes come to be — and in the process reveals ways of thinking that aren’t the product of anything elusive or enigmatic but rather of traits we can all learn and foster, such as openness, inquisitiveness, and perseverance.”

Wendy Kopp, CEO and Founder, Teach for America

“With examples that range from traditional businesses to stand-up comedians, Peter Sims shows that the path to big success is lined with small failures. Behind every breakthrough idea is often a host of experiments that flopped — and Sims shows how to leverage these “little bets” to produce lasting results. This is a powerful and practical book.”

Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Drive

“Peter Sims buries the myth that big talkers with brains and big ideas move industry and science forward. This modern masterpiece demonstrates that the most powerful and profitable ideas are the produced by persistent people who mess with lots of little ideas and keep muddling forward until they get it right. Little Bets is easily the most delightful and useful innovation book published in the last decade.”

Robert I. Sutton, Professor, Stanford University, New York Times bestselling author of Good Boss, Bad Boss

“A fascinating and revealing journey through the real-life dynamics of the creative process. Vividly written and bustling with examples from comedy to architecture, Little Bets is a wonderful example of itself: a big idea that takes shape through many small discoveries. I highly recommend it for anyone with a serious interest in cultivating creativity in business, education or in their own lives.”

Sir Ken Robinson, New York Times bestselling author of The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

“Companies must also recognise the virtues of failing small and failing fast. Peter Sims likens this to placing “Little Bets.”

The Economist

“Little Bets is a timely and compelling book that will change the way you think, a roadmap to success in the 21st century. And, a very enjoyable read.”

Peter Georgescu, former CEO of Young & Rubicam

“Peter Sims’ exciting new book, Little Bets, is replete with stunning insights about innovation and the remarkable benefits of backing many creative initiatives that yield the big breakthrough. Corporate leaders everywhere can benefit from his sound advice.”

Bill George, former CEO, Medtronic, Professor, Harvard Business School and Author, True North

“Put his book on your reading list.”


“A fascinating, eloquent and rigorously rooted in reality exploration of the creative process in innovaton.”

Brain Pickings

“‘Little Bets’ is a big idea. Here’s my bet: if you’re passionate about innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, you need to read this book!”

Alan M. Webber, Co-Founding Editor, Fast Company magazine, Author, Rules of Thumb

“Little Bets will reframe the way you think about innovation. With a range of fascinating stories of success, Peter Sims should give us all the confidence to start our own journey of changing the world.”

Lenny Mendonca, Director (senior partner) and Director of Firm Knowledge, McKinsey & Company

“By showing how experimentation has been instrumental not just in Silicon Valley, but all over the world and long before the Internet, Sims’ research could inspire even the stodgiest corporation to take a risk. Diverse and uplifting—a veritable gumball machine of memorable anecdotes to inspire creativity.”

Kirkus Reviews

A rich and intriguing book about trying, failing, and succeeding.



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