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Little Bets
“I never thought I would write a book, let alone two books, so I’m very much an accidental author.”

When I met and got to know Bill George, the former CEO of Medtronic and later a Harvard Business School professor, he invited me to coauthor his next book. The one question that I could not answer when Bill first asked was: “Can you write?” I honestly couldn’t answer the question. Soon, I discovered a love for storytelling, and when it came to writing and synthesizing a mass of research and insights, I quickly valued my liberal arts education at Bowdoin College.

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    One Country. Two Worlds. One Idea.

    Lately, I’ve felt increasingly conflicted. I’ve spent the past ten-plus years in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley ...
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    Interview with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, Professor of Psychology at University of Pennsylvania:

    Award-winning author Peter Sims shares some heartening research on how people like Steve Jobs, Chris Rock and Frank Gehry use ...
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    The Return of the Guild

    It’s easy to forget that guilds once ruled the world. By the time Rembrandt painted his masterpiece “Syndics of the ...
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    How Andreessen Horowitz Is Disrupting Silicon Valley

    Just over the crest of the highest point on Sand Hill Road, amid a cluster of relaxed buildings that could ...
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    The Hero Returns: Steve Jobs’ real genius

    As the three-year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing approaches in October, complete lessons from his life and legacy are still ...
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    Little Bets in New York Times

    Original article as it appeared in NYT here. PREOCCUPATIONS Daring to Stumble on the Road to Discovery By PETER SIMS AT the recent ...
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    Five of Steve Jobs’s Biggest Mistakes

    Originally published on Harvard Business Review's blog. It's a great disservice to everyone, especially young people, that the stories that we ...
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    Why Google CEO Page should friend Amazon’s Bezos

    Published originally on MarketWatch. SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Google Inc. has reached another fascinating period of its growth and evolution. Three years ...
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    The Little “Nudges” that Would Make Even Churchill Proud

    Last week, thanks to Kieron Boyle, Head of Social Finance and Investment at the UK Cabinet Office, who I was ...
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    (NPR interview) Obama 2.0: How will the second term play out?

    9:06 AM, January 7, 2013   President Barack Obama speaks about the economy at the Daimler Detroit Diesel engine plant Dec. 10, ...
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    “Perfectionism and imperfection” (from goop; Gwenyth Paltrow’s blog)

    From the Entrepreneur Peter Sims "Breaking free from perfectionism isn’t easy, largely because of how we’re raised and taught. We’re rewarded and ...
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    Obama’s Second Chance: Fulfilling the Untapped Potential

    Originally appeared on Forbes. This article is by Peter Sims, author of Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries, ...
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    Forbes interview: “How to Make Innovation Less Risky”

    Originally appeared on Forbes: Corporations are clamoring for breakthrough innovation – but in this economic climate, who can afford multimillion-dollar ...
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    Why GivingTuesday is the Social Innovation Idea of the Year

    reprinted from Bloomberg, original article here. The most adaptive, agile companies and organizations are figuring out how to leverage what they ...
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    “Little Bets” gets nice props in Forbes

    Little Bets got some nice coverage in Forbes today, as the pharma industry wrestles with a culture of BIG bets.  ...
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    Can You Solve America’s Problems? via Inc. Magazine

    Fuse Corps received a flattering writeup in Inc. Magazine today.  Please send your nominations for the prestigious 2013 fellowship to ...
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    Fuse Corps becomes a BIG bet, thanks to many Black Sheep

    I'm very proud to be a part of the Fuse Corps team, a social venture that places some of America's ...
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    Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Washington Post recognize ‘Little Bets’

    Writing is editing, many days and hours of painstaking revision and sculpting.  So, it has been an honor and gratifying ...
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    Annoucing Fuse Corps: a bold new approach to social innovation

    *UPDATE: Tech Crunch runs review of Fuse Corps. For the past several years, I have had the great pleasure of collaborating ...
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    John Legend & Inventing the Future

    Last weekend, I had the chance to connect with singer & songwriter John Legend before his concert with Sade at ...
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