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Peter Sims: The Power of Collaboration, Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson, January 2018

Little Bets and the Black Sheep with Peter Sims, the Unmistakable Creative, August 2014

Why a Stanford MBA quit his job in venture capital to reinvent himself…” CareerHoot, 2013

Peter Sims in conversation about Little Bets with Lenny Mendonca, Director, McKinsey & Company, and founder Half Moon Bay Brewery, August 26th, 2011

Why we need to fail


“An Interview with Bob Morris” (May 2011)

“Why Small Risks May Yield Bigger Returns” (Mashable, May 2011)

“Accidental Creative podcast #209: Peter Sims on Little Bets” (Accidental Creative, May 2011)

Motley Fool (Motley Fool Radio, April 2011)

“Little Bets: Peter Sims on Breakthrough Ideas and Small Discoveries” (Kirkus Reviews, April 2011)

“Little Bets Can Make a Big Difference for Your Brand” (Forbes, April 2011)

Keen On… Peter Sims: Why Brilliant Ideas Fail (TechCrunch TV, April 2011)