Foundation & Angel Investing BLK SHP

“BLK SHP (black sheep) exists to unlock the artist within everyone. We believe that creativity and human agency are critical capacities needed to adapt and lead in times of constant change.”


We harness the creativity of humanity to address some of the most pressing problems of our time. BLK SHP is a community of over 3,500 creative thinkers and doers that acts as a connective tissue across disciplines and a platform that bridges divides to solve problems in new and creative ways — all while having a hell of a lot of fun. BLK SHP includes three core components: the BLK SHP Community, BLK SHP Operations and BLK SHP Media. Everyone gets a BLK SHP nickname, too, which is fun — which range from “Churchill” to “Beyonce” “Dr. No” and “Dr. Yes” to “Yoda” to “Wonder Woman.”

We also have a small group where we make investments in mission-aligned companies including GoldieBlox, a media company for young girls designed to develop early interest in engineering and confidence in problem-solving. Founder + CEO, Debbie Sterling Lewis, is “Dr Midnight” of the BLK SHP — you’ll have to ask her why!

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