The Financial Times

The Financial Times

“So how on earth do society and industry become more innovative? There are hundreds of books, business school papers and conference speakers that provide possible solutions. One of the better recent works is Little Bets by Peter Sims.”

Kirkus Reviews

“By showing how experimentation has been instrumental not just in Silicon Valley, but all over the world and long before the Internet, Sims’ research could inspire even the stodgiest corporation to take a risk.”

Alan M. Webber

“‘Little Bets’ is a big idea.”

Jonah Lehrer

“Peter Sims convincingly argues that we need a new model of creativity.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Diverse and uplifting—a veritable gumball machine of memorable anecdotes to inspire creativity.”

Peter Georgescu

“A timely and compelling book that will change the way you think, a roadmap to success in the 21st century.”

Chip Heath

“Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an artist, Peter Sims shows you how big breakthroughs start with little bets.”

Robert I. Sutton

“Little Bets is easily the most delightful and useful innovation book published in the last decade.”

Sir Ken Robinson

“A fascinating and revealing journey through the real-life dynamics of the creative process.”

Wendy Kopp

“I really can’t say enough about this book; Little Bets rings so true to my own experience at Teach For America.”

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