Writing is editing, many days and hours of painstaking revision and sculpting.  So, it has been an honor and gratifying to learn that Little Bets has been recognized by a number of publications I respect for their best books of the year lists, including The Washington Post, Inc. Magazine, and AmEx OPEN Forum.

The Wall Street Journal also selected Little Bets as one of six top entrepreneurial advice books in an article entitled, “The Best Advice Around, From Those Who Took It,” alongside books like Art of the Start by Silicon Valley maven, Guy Kawasaki, the author and former chief evangelist @ Apple.


Quoting Saras Sarasvathy, a professor @ the Darden School at the University of Virginia, who many including the well-known entrepreneur and investor Vinod Khosla consider one of the most insightful researcheres on entrepreneurship, the article reads:

“This book demolishes the usual excuses entrepreneurs have for not starting a business,” says Saras D. Sarasvathy, an associate professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, in the article, adding that the book “shows how ‘doing the doable’ without waiting for a big idea, or guarantees about the final outcome, can lead to amazing breakthroughs.”

(see this Big Think interview with Sarasvathy’s for a great overview of her work and findings)

Thank you so much to The Wall Street Journal for this generous recognition, and to the many people who have championed and evangelized the book. Let’s do this.